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Angel Cream Skin Treatment Africa, Uk 200g in UK - low prices

    Shop Angel Cream Skin Treatment Africa, Uk 200g.. at everyday low prices. Order online today for fast delivery or collect from the seller in Milton Keynes, GB

    • Angel Cream Origin Ghana
    • Natural and herbal Angel cream body cream
    • Angel cream is an incredible skin and hair treatment that nourishes and repairs the body.
    • Shingles, ringworm, boils, footrot, blisters, and eczema are all treated with this Angel creaam, which is manufactured in Ghana, West Africa. 
    • With its extraordinary qualities, Angel Cream treats a variety of skin disorders and can be applied as a body cream.

    Cassia alata, Funtumia Clascia, Petroleum jelly
    For external use only
    Country of Origin 

    Seller location: Milton Keynes

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